How to get started teaching Dog Bite Prevention
Jen's Experience

Abbreviations to know:
ARSF - Akita Rescue Society of Florida
AKC - American Kennel Club
DPC - Dog Bite Prevention Class
CGC - Canine Good Citizen

It's a matter sometimes of being at the right place at the right time, but mostly it's asking & being able to give some "substance" to who I am. I do this on behalf of "Akita Rescue Society of Florida" who has a 35+ year history & can be checked out and I've been an American Kennel Club Canine Ambassador in the past (who happens to be able to say we've won one of  their Community Achievement awards for our program) and I've now been doing this for almost 26 years and if needed can provide some references (i.e. teachers, scout troop leaders, library).

It takes time, but even in the beginning, I will say that being able to show them a letter from the American Kennel Club that I was part of a legitimate public education program helps.

Also, networking - my sister back in the original days was a scout troop leader. She told other scout troop leaders & I offered to tailor the presentation to a badge. One of the people at my old Church was a teacher & she got me in to do her class. She passed the word on to other teachers. I do obedience w/ a teacher who helped set up a DPC at her school. In addition, the director at ARSF makes sure that we are at virtually every Jax Humane Society event that they offer a chance for rescues to set up at. At one of them we met someone from the library which opened up that door - - worked it out with them & suggested about 10 dog related book titles that I could think of to have available after the DPC for children to check out.

Hook up with a group - local long term rescue with non-profit status, AKC, Purebreed Clubs Public Education Committee, local Humane Society etc.... you've got to be more than just "Joe Blow" off the street. Be able to show that your dogs have at least a CGC to help show they're not safety concerns. It really helps if you have homeowner's insurance with dog coverage in liability. That had closed a door for me on 1 or 2 occasions.

Just do it. That is really the big thing. Continue to get the word out anywhere you can. We had professional trading card type cards printed up with the 4 big rules & had a picture of Rocky on them. And later, business cards for our other dogs with their pictures on them - it helps to be able to hand one to someone & show what we talk about.

NEVER pet a stray dog
NEVER pet a dog who is eating
ALWAYS ask to pet someone else's dog
NEVER run from a dog

Hope this is helpful,